In the new and changing landscape of the event world things are getting smaller. Weddings have shifted from elaborate large-scale affairs into intimate, micro expressions of love. Elopments are becoming the trend of the next few seasons.

This new era of nuptials has allowed for brides to be as elaborate as they can dream of as they save money across all areas with the reduced guest count. Luxury brands are partnering with event planners to create a pivot towards intimacy where privacy is the new lush.

Melissa and Vicky of Sway Events have stayed on top of the changes and have risen to the occasion. With over 300 events of experience they have found ways to stay in front of the shifts in the wedding scene. They are developing one-stop packages including all elements of the wedding that allow clients to create their vision with a turn-key process.

Caterers are hitting the scene with new and creative ideas to pivot from what was once a standard buffet to incorporate single servings.

Foodz Catering has always been ahead of the game with their innovative ideas to elevate events. They found that the surfaces on the boat are a great pairing to mix with their concept of a Magnetic Fence. Offering spatially distanced foods in an elegant fashion.

Their Individual Charcuterie Plates on the Magnetic Fence!
Photo Credit: Laurel McConnell Ellis
Their Individual Charcuterie Plates and Spring Quinoa Salad are safe, distanced and delicious! Photo Credit: Laurel McConnell Ellis

Another new favorite is individually packaged boxed meals. It’s All Good Catering has created boxed meals to appeal to each guest and can be prepared with custom options including designated meals for food allergies and other dietary restrictions with no fear of cross contamination.

It’s time to think small in a big way!