On The Hiyu – Our Mission

On The Hiyu is a unique floating event, wedding and venue space that fuels positive thought and action, enhances community and inclusivity and furthers conscious connection through the joyous celebration of life.

Jeff Wilson – President, On The Hiyu, LLC

Jeff is a businessman, entrepreneur and agent of positive change. His core principles embody a spiritual consciousness, and the belief that “we attract what we think”. He is committed to supporting people in celebrating and sharing their gifts with the world.

Jody Ramsammy, CEO, On The Hiyu, LLC

Jody Ramsammy, a visionary leader and CEO of On The Hiyu, LLC, boasts a rich professional journey rooted in South Africa, culminating in over 25 years of unparalleled expertise in Consumer Technology, Enterprise Architecture, SAAS, Cloud, and Partnerships. A luminary in the tech realm, Jody has left an indelible mark through pivotal roles with industry giants such as Digital, Compaq, HP, Blackberry, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, showcasing a profound grasp of the dynamic landscapes of technology, cloud services, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer interactions. Beyond the confines of his illustrious tech career, Jody Ramsammy’s multifaceted interests are emblematic of a true Renaissance individual. Harnessing his passion for Music, Arts, and Entertainment, he is the mastermind behind Vivid Presents—a groundbreaking Seattle-based startup that redefines entertainment through cutting-edge technology and immersive events. Serving as the CEO of both Vivid Presents and On The Hiyu, Jody stands at the forefront, consistently pushing boundaries and sculpting the future of entertainment. In a strategic move reflecting his commitment to community and culture, Jody Ramsammy has recently expanded his influence as an owner and operating partner at Cafe Racer Seattle, an iconic live event venue deeply ingrained in Seattle’s history. Through this venture, he solidifies his dedication to fostering vibrant communal experiences. Jody Ramsammy’s entrepreneurial prowess extends across multiple domains as he deftly oversees the expansive ventures of On The Hiyu, Vivid Presents, and Cafe Racer. His strategic vision and unwavering commitment position him as a key player shaping the trajectory of the entertainment industry, making him a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.