Most events these days have some sort of a pop up photo experience. From logo’d backdrops, to pop up experiences we have seen it all. The media backdrop/step and repeat: This option is a great fit when you have sponsors or if you need to capture logos in your pictures. It’s also great for red carpet and promotional events. They range in price from a couple hundred dollars all the way up to several hundred depending on design, size, and materials.
Celebrity Filmmaker and Director, Mark Titus and Wife at the SIFF after party in 2019 when his film, The Wild debuted in Seattle, WA @Onthehiyu Photo Credit (@NityiaPhotography) Staging @UrbanSaltProductions For a pop up instagrammable experience the possibilities are endless. We love this example created for @StellaArtois for their event Summer like you’re on vacation. The client wanting a bathing tent pop up photo experience. Guests loved talking their pics in this unique photo opp.
Photo credit (@TiffanyBrown) Props and Staging by @UrbanSaltProduction
A fun alternative is to create a polaroid station where guests can take their own pics or to hire a polaroid attendant dressed for the theme to capture those special moments that guests can bring home.
Photo Credit (@Rudy Willingham) Attendant: Kingsley Northcott Costume and props @UrbanSaltProductions
Some clients love a customizable photo booth. They create theme oriented custom backgrounds and graphic overlays and the guests just pose in front of a green screen. The professional print is processed in less than 30 seconds and will also be displayed in a slideshow or on projection screens. A live Facebook feed can be provided for instant sharing.
Photo Credit (@Carlos_Imani ) photo booth @Smile Patrol/Photo + Video + Photobooth